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Teal Zeus



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Enhance Your Night Walks with Our High-Visibility Dog Collar! 🌟🐾

Key Features:

🔦 HIGH VISIBILITY: Improve your dog's safety during night walks with our high-visibility collar. Easily spot your furry friend from a distance and prevent accidents with runners, cyclists, and motorists.

🔋 GREAT PERFORMANCE: Equipped with a USB rechargeable battery, this collar offers unmatched performance. Use the included charging cable with any USB port for hours of visibility. Save money and the environment with this eco-friendly option!

⚙️ EASY TO USE: Choose from 3 modes with a single click: FAST FLASH, STEADY FLASH, and CONSTANT. The collar is fully adjustable to fit almost any size, featuring a quick-release buckle and a silicone-protected charging port to prevent damage.

Product Details:

  • Material: Durable and weather-resistant materials
  • Size: Adjustable to fit most dogs
  • Battery: USB rechargeable with included cable
  • Modes: Fast flash, steady flash, constant light

Upgrade your dog's night-time walks with our High-Visibility Dog Collar today! 🌙🐕✨

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HIGH VISIBILITY: This collar is designed to improve your dog's walking experience during the night walks. Your dog will be highly visible which means it is much easier to spot in the dark as they will be able to clearly see your dog from a distance and prevent unwanted injuries due to collisions with runners, cyclists, motorists, etc.
GREAT PERFORMANCE: The USB Rechargeable battery provides unrivaled performance, the charging cable included can be used in any USB port to give you hours of use. Not only does this save you money in the long term, but it is also more eco-friendly! 
EASY TO USE: Single click selection of 3 different modes; FAST FLASH, STEADY FLASH & CONSTANT. The collar is fully adjustable to fit almost any size along with a quick release buckle and silicone protected charging port to prevent damage.


 XS  11.2-15.2inch  0.8inch  16.4inch  1.2oz(37g)
 S  13.6-16.4inch  1.0inch  17.6inch  1.7oz(50g)
 M  14.8-18.4inch  1.0inch  20inch  1.9oz(56g)
 L  16.4-20.8inch  1.0inch  22.4inch  2.0oz(58g)
 XL  16.8-22.4inch  1.0inch  24inch  2.1oz(60g)

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