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Dog Life Jacket

Dog Life Jacket

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Introducing our Pet Life Jacket, crafted with premium materials to ensure the safety and comfort of your beloved furry companion during water activities. Made with 600D polyester oxford cloth and filled with high-density polyethylene foam, this life jacket is designed for durability and buoyancy.

Constructed from professional diving clothing, it offers exceptional visibility both day and night, providing peace of mind for you and enhanced safety for your pet. The high-density and elastic diving material not only ensures a secure fit but also offers warmth, especially around your dog's vulnerable waist and abdomen areas.

With our Pet Life Jacket, you can enjoy worry-free adventures by the water, knowing that your furry friend is protected and supported. Invest in their safety and well-being today with our reliable and high-quality life jacket.

[Size]: S  M L   [color]: pink - mermaid gray - shark Red - clownfish 

Pet life jacket fabric: 600D polyester oxford cloth, filler: high density polyethylene foam. Made of professional diving clothing, it is easy to identify at night and during the day. The diving material has a high density and elasticity, which not only plays a good role in fixing, but also has a certain warmth function, which is close to the dog's most vulnerable waist and abdomen. 


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