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Cats Whirling LED Balls

Cats Whirling LED Balls

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🐱✨ Elevate playtime for your furry friend with our Cats Whirling LED Balls toy! Designed for maximum fun and engagement, this interactive toy is sure to delight your beloved feline companion. 🎉

Key Features:
1️⃣ Strong Suction Cup Base: Securely attach the toy to various surfaces like floors, doors, windows, and more, providing endless entertainment possibilities.
2️⃣ Dual Transparent Bins: Customize playtime by filling the bins with luminous balls, bells, or mint balls, offering versatile play combinations to keep your cat entertained for longer.
3️⃣ Interactive Design: Stimulate your cat's natural instincts with the spinning windmill feature, encouraging them to claw and play. The embossing part in the center provides additional teeth cleaning and face-lifting enjoyment.
4️⃣ Promotes Exercise: Help your cat stay active and healthy with this engaging toy, ensuring they get the exercise they need even when you're not at home.

🔹 Material: Plastic
🔹 Color Options: Yellow, Green, Blue
🔹 Size: Approximately 6.22 x 2.91 x 2.71 inches

⚠️ Please allow for slight measurement discrepancies and color variations due to manual measurement and differences in display settings.

Package Included:
📦 1 x Windmill Cat Toy

Treat your feline friend to endless fun and excitement with our Cats Whirling LED Balls toy! Order now and watch them pounce, play, and purr with joy! 🛍️🐾 #CatToys #InteractivePlay #HappyKitty 🌟

Windmill Cat Toy with LED Ball & CATNIP🌿 – Cattached
1.Strong absorption suction cup base allows the toy to be securely and firmly fixed on  wherever you want to suck like on the floor, doors and windows, under the table, and more.
2.Dual transparent bins with detachable covers on the round wind blade of the windmill, you can put luminous balls, bells and mint balls to make more flexible play combination which will simulate the interest easily and keep the curiosity for longer time.
3.Interactive and unique design can attract your cat to claw the spinning windmill when you flick the toy, while the center embossing part can provide teeth cleaning and face-lifting enjoyment to add more fun and care for your little furry friends.
4.Ideal gift to help your cats do more exercise and make them happier and healthier, and they will feel your love and care with the continuous self-entertainment when you are not at home.

Windmill Cat Toy – Odell's House
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